The Chittagong arms haul was an international conspiracy in which operatives from several countries and backgrounds were involved. The case diary reveals how meetings were held in different countries to formalise and execute the plan.

China: China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), a state-owned enterprise, manufactured and supplied the weapons.

Pakistan: The Inter-Services Intelligence planned a meticulous cross-border arms smuggling operation by penetrating the Bangladeshi intelligence agencies. The

UK: It was in London where the Bangladeshi National Security Intelligence chief, Brigadier Rahim, met the ISI director-general. It was revealed that the ISI did not receive the payment of Taka 2.5 crore for mobile phone bugging devices, which Bangladesh intelligence agencies had procured from Pakistan.

The Philippines: Anthony Shimray, a key Naga leader and chief arms procurer, came to Chittagong from Manila via Bangkok to take part in the operation. He was arrested by the National Investigation Agency on October 2, 2010 and is currently in jail.

Bangladesh: The ISI had developed contacts within the Bangladesh army and intelligence agencies, which had already cultivated militant groups in the fight against India. Brigadier Mogisuddin, who was Ulfa leader Paresh Baruah’s handler in Dhaka, took over as ISI station chief in Bangladesh and was in charge of the operations.


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